Sunday, 11 October 2009

Toshiba L300 heatsink FIXED

As I said before, the heatsink in my Toshiba L300 was clogged and the computer was overheating. The day after writing my last post, the computer was getting even 97C! So I said to myself that it cannot be ignored and that I HAVE TO unclog the heatsink. I know I promised the photo report, but unfortunately, there was nothing special to take pictures of. I have only taken the keyboard off so I could see the fan and tried to suck the dust out with the hoover, but with no success. Then I got an idea to try to suck the dust through the heatsink's side, not fan's. It didn't work as well. I decided to blow the dust with the air, but 'huh where is the compressed air can? I think I don't have one' so I blew it with my own mouth, and here I would for the first time in my blog, ladies and gentlemen, use a popular LOL acronim. But really, it DID work out. The dust has come through the fan and I only had to take it out with the screwdriver. Then it was time to place the keyboard on, and to turn the computer on. You don't even know how was I surprised by the work of my computer. I got used to listen to the fan's noise on high RPM's and the temperature of the palmrest, but after my repair, I like came back to times where my computer was new ;)

ps. To the professional computer servicers: I know what consequences would be, but nothing bad happened. I am lucky, ain't I?

ps2. Don't try this at home, better give your computer to specialist.

I think I don't have to say anything about the warranty? So don't do it on your own, unless your warrranty period has finished.

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