Sunday, 9 August 2009

Intel GMA x4500m

Hi players and laptop users!
Today I am going to share my experiences with an Intel GMA X4500m integrated graphics card. Most users of this graphics say it's a crap and it's not suitable for gaming. I have to disagree. Although it's far weaker than dedicated laptop graphic cards (ATI Mobility Radeon or GeForce M series) it is still capable of some of the newest games. The graphics itself has 384mb RAM and up to 1380mb shared memory (takes memory from computer's RAM and uses it as graphics RAM). The X4500m is not as popular as X3100 which is installed into about 70% of laptops, but is about 200% faster. So, when I found out about this, I have done some research about games on X3100 and X4500m. I can give GTA IV for example. On the X3100 GTA gives 3-5 fps with some modifications whereas X4500m gives 10-15fps with the same modifications (commandline + edited timecyc and visualeffects). I know it is small, but enough for a desperate like me, as unfortunately I have been given a laptop with the s**tty X4500m but it was not meant to be a computer for games so I don't regret anything, and although it's weak, I like it. It's not the worst one.
If you are going to buy a laptop, make sure it has X4500m but NOT X3100 and if you can have a choice whether to buy a laptop with Intel integrated graphics or with a dedicated graphics such as ATI Radeon or GeForce, then don't hesitate and buy a dedicated one, it will be good for normal using and for games.