Saturday, 23 May 2009

Make your XP look like OS X!

Want to change the appearance of your ugly Windows XP? Or maybe you like Mac OS X style?
Then this tutorial will help you do it quite quickly and with no difficulties at all! Your XP will look almost like OS X 10.5 Leopard and I hope you will like it.

OK, let's start then

To totally change your XP you will need the following programs:

StyleXP or Window Blinds (skins the GUI of your operating system)

FinderBar (The OS X style drop-down menu on top)

ObjectDock, RocketDock or MobyDock (the cool dock at the bottom that contains shortcuts to


YzShadow (puts a lovely drop shadow under the windows)

iTunes (no need to explain :) )

Icons (What can i say? The little pictures on your desktop. This file contains about 1000 icons from Apple OS X 10.3 Panther, which make a very big difference in appearance of your desktop)
Ok, now how to :)
  1. Install StyleXP or WindowBlinds
  2. After the program is installed, skin your interface. I prefer Panther style (try it yourself)
  3. Install FinderBar but don't turn it on after you have finished installation
  4. Unlock Windows taskbar and move it to the top of the screen
  5. Turn on FinderBar and you will see then fields: Finder, File, Edit etc. If you don't see it clearly, right-click and point to 'SkinIt!' and click on it. The toolbar will now adjust to the bar and will look like the one from original Apple Mac.
  6. The dock. Install whichever version you have downloaded. It is very easy to set it up. All you need to do is to drag your shortcuts to the dock. Simple!
  7. Install YzShadow. This will put a shadow under your windows.
  8. Download iTunes and turn the music on :)
  9. Change the icons.
  10. Use any High-Definition wallpaper :)
  11. Voila, you have a cheap Mac!

I hope you will like it,

Good luck and have fun.

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